Dikchu Khola

General Overview: The project included design and construction of 110m long major bridge over Dikchu Khola in the state of Sikkim. The bridge is located in the state of Sikkim connecting Dikchu village with Singtham village across the river Dikchukhola. Overall length of bridge is 133.50 m and effective linear waterway is 86.0 m. The superstructure is PSC cantilever type with clear carriageway width of 7800 mm. The span arrangement consists of 110 m centre to centre of the abutments of the bearings with 10.450 m anchor arm on both sides. Deck comprises of clear carriageway width of 7.8 m for two lanes with 1.5 m wide footpaths on both sides. A camber of 2.5% on the carriageway and footpath is provided for proper drainage.


Contract Amount: Rs. 10,56,28,368/-

Associated Client: Border Roads Organization

Design Consultant for the Project: Engineering Project Consultants, Thane

Date of Completion: 23 Nov, 2010