Poddar Construction Company is a privately held bridge construction firm based in New Delhi. It was founded by Mr BL Poddar in 2003 and subsequently registered with Border Roads Organisation(in category S). We have executed several major river bridges for Border Roads Organisation and Indian Railways. Apart from the construction of new bridges, we have also undertaken the maintenance and repair work of a bridge. Company bagged its first contract in 2003 in Arunachal Pradesh. Since then, we have completed construction of 21 major river bridges. Along the way, we have assembled a very capable construction crew along with important construction machinery.


We specialise in bridge construction, having completed 21 projects and currently involved in four projects including a flyover. We have experience in construction of simply supported PSC, cantilever superstructure and truss bridge. The company has executed variety of foundation types including open, well and pile foundation. The majority of the projects undertaken by the firm are situated in far flung and remote areas of the country presenting unique logistical as well as technical challenges. That not a single project undertaken by the firm has exceeded the time deadline is a testimony in itself to our expertise in bridge construction and strong management structure.